Sunday, October 02, 2016

I am so blessed to be a mom

Dear God thank you very much for the greatest blessing in my life.
I am a mother. Schayan has shed light on Shahab and my life with his presence.
I know that we do not own him. He belongs to God and we just are blessed to serve him and nurse him and grow him. I am thankful for each and every second.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dagens Reflektion ---> Dag 0

Förra veckan gick jag en kurs, modul 1 av en kurs som betår av fyra modular. Egentligen skulle jag vilja säga att jag påbörjade en process och inte gick bara en kurs...

Kursen heter "Vinnande ledarskap" eller "Leadership Excellence" på engelska, läraren heter Michael Södermalm och jag fick en Metal Coach som heter J. Ivarsson. Skriver inte hans förnamn eftersom jag vet inte om han vill bli nämnt på min blogg eller inte.

Vi fick lyssna på Mickes intressanta historier som innehöll budskap som hade att göra med kursinnehållet. vi fick även skriva ner var sin Master Plan som skulle hjälpa oss att kunna leda oss själva som är egentligen första steget i ledarskap enligt Micke.

Jag skulle vilja dela min Master Plan här och följa upp den även här genom mina dagliga reflektioner som blir blogginlägg i sin tur.

Mahgols Master Plan
1- Ta 30 days of challenge på allvar dvs "Jag får inte prata skit om mig själv eller någon annan på mitt jobb eller privat, jag får helst inte ens tänka negativa tankar men det är handlingen som räknas"

2- Sluta med socker helt (mån-fre)

3- Skriva ner dagens reflektion varje dag innan jag lägger mig

4- Träna oftare, börja med mnst en gång per vecka och utöka till 3 ggr/v

5- Göra "älska mig naken framför spegel" övningen minst 10 gånger tills modul 2 i april.

Jag önskar mig själv lycka till. 


Monday, August 03, 2015

new old picture

The office is getting a new life after summer.

It was so depressing without all the colleagues. I think places which are used to be full of people are kinda scary when they are empty, like empty schools, empty streets and empty offices.

I was looking through my old pictures and found a happy Mahgol from one of our cold sunny hikings in Sweden.

I think I want to change my profile picture at work to this one, the one I have right now is very professional but cold, a bit far from what I would like to be interpreted as.

Monday, August 11, 2014

two similar movies

last weekend we have been watching two movies which turned to be very similar. one is called Hanna and the other was called Divergent. both of them are about abnormal girls and both movies started very nice and intresting but later it was akind of slow and started to feel like Vampire or any other kind of teenager movies. Good looking guys and nice action but I got disappointed by the fact that every thing went well at the end ... but amusing movies absolutely!
Now it is a lot of rain and we are happy because this will help against the fire in the woods in north of Västerås.

Friday, July 11, 2014

hiking in Norway

This was long ago since I wrote here and long ago since this picture was taken. But it reminds me of such a nice feeling, on the way to TrollTunga in Norway with a good group of people.
And I just decided to crop it and use it as my profile picture at Volvo network and then I needed to upload it somewhere and then I thought where is better than my blog?
So here you go:
and there is a smaller version just for Volvo.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Vinter i Sverige

Well, I can say that there has been a lot of movies recently. This blog does not have so many followers but it feels like a log book of my life which I can go back after a while and refresh old memories, things that look important here but after some weeks, months or years I even do not remember them.
such as the problems we got while they were changing our cupboards in the room and the wonderings we have about the month we are going to live without bathroom and kitchen in our apartment. I mean how hard can it be? There will still be warm rooms and electricity and our privacy between 17:00 and 7:00.
I think I am spoiled, this is needed to remind me of how good our situation is with safe home and good food, health and enough money.
Thank you God
for everything you have given us and all you have not.
Thank you for all we did not have you gave us afterwards and those we had and you got them back.
Help us to become better people. Our challenges are no more challenges of food and safety, none of survival kimd but mostly internal challenges facing ourselves and our weaknesses.
The plans I was talking about in the post from Vinter 2013 was:
finishing the thesis
loosing weight
and waking up early

I have achieved none of them and there is no real reason rather than the fact that I am lazy.
There is still hope to finish the thesis by this Wednesday and the weight project which has been on for the last 20 years is still on.
waking up early has been achieved with help of smaller dinner and the workers who start working with renovation at 6 in the morning...

Monday, December 09, 2013

Another Earth

I still have not posted any follow up on the post which I wrote almost one year a go announcing some challenges in my life. I will do it in January. I promise. but for now I want to do something I have been wanting to do for many years. writing about the movies we watch and the last one was last night:
Another Earth

Well, I rated it 5 afterwards in IMDB but it has got 6.6 from others so maybe it just was not my type. I guessed the ending in the minute 20 of the movie and it was qute diappointing when it turned out to be so. :)
Shahab has downloaded some other good movies which I will write about when we have watched it.
Besr Regards
Mahgol on the train to Göteborg